Organic Compost

All of Biomix compost products are produced to meet the Australian Standards (AS4454-2012).



Biomix is responsible for the diversion of over 100,000 tonnes of organics from landfill.


Soil Conditioning

Our Certified Organic Compost is a natural, environmentally friendly fertiliser and soil conditioner.



Our compost is widely used in Viticulture, Broad Acre, Orchards, Vegetable Growers & Home Gardens.

about us


Biomix is a privately owned composting facility producing high quality organic compost. Our composts are used to improve soil health and productivity

Biomix alone is responsible for diverting more than 100 thousand tonnes of organic waste from landfill each year.

Established in 2012, Biomix is one of the largest Australian owned compost providers in Victoria. Using a combination of enclosed vessel composting and open windrow maturation we produce a high quality mature compost product.
Biomix has focused on developing solutions for the agricultural markets which can improve soil health, reduce water use and increase plant yield. It also provides compost products for use in the home garden.
The team at Biomix are passionate about producing good quality compost.

Biomix Certifications

National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) plays a critically important role in supporting and promoting the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices that lead to safer and more sustainable food production systems. Visit NASAA

Australian Standard AS4454-2012

Specifies requirements for composts, soil conditioners and mulches. This edition includes requirements for vermicast. It specifies minimum requirements to be met prior to labelling a product as a composted or pasteurized product. It also specifies physical and chemical requirements and documentation, which includes information to be supplied to the consumer and health warnings. Guidance is given on best practice for composting and vermicast systems designed to produce a quality product achieved by following an approved process. Visit SAI Global

our solutions


Premium Compost

Biomix produces a mature compost product. All of Biomix compost products are produced to meet the Australian Standards (AS4454) for compost.


Premium Blended Compost

Biomix conducts free soil tests to determine if a compost blended with lime or gypsum would suit your individual soil types.



Similar to the vineyards, orchards are seeing the benefits of applying Biomix compost. The compost reduces water use, decreases soil fluctuations and improves overall results.



Biomix compost is widely used by wineries throughout Victoria. By using our compost on the vines it reduces water use and prevents weed growth.


Broad Acre

Biomix compost is used by broad acre farmers to improve soil structure, reduce water use and increase plant yield. Biomix compost can be blended with lime and gypsum to meet specific soil needs.


Vegetable Growers

Biomix compost is used by vegetable growers between crop rotations. The compost replaces organics lost during the harvest and provides a boost to improve growth and yield.



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