Welcome to Biomix – Biomix is a newly formed composting company located outside Stanhope in northern Victoria.

We compost a variety of organic waste materials from a number of sources, processing these wastes into premium quality compost material for use in the local agricultural market. Biomix is committed to producing the highest quality COMPOST and SOIL CONDITIONER to enrich the soils to which it’s applied, restoring carbon, nitrogen, and other essential nutrients which are removed from the soil with agricultural use. In processing these wastes, Biomix diverts volume from landfill and in turn reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that such wastes would otherwise produce, instead of allowing for its decomposition under carefully controlled conditions. Biomix thus contributes to the reduction of Victoria’s carbon footprint, as well as reducing volumes sent to landfill. Biomix is proud to be at the forefront of composting at the highest technical standard and working to provide alternate waste disposal solutions as well as supplying the local agricultural sector with the highest quality compost product on the market.